About us

We are PASSIONATE about our work

In the early 90s the food operators did not require training in Food Safety. It was difficult to do health inspection (now termed verification) in those days as majority of the operators had no idea what it was all about. The Food legislation was outdated so the councils decided to set up their own by-lays which required training amongst other things. Suresh Din (the principal) was an Environmental Health Officer at Auckland Council during the time.

It was then that he decided to set up a training establishment which came about in 1993. Since then he has been involved in assisting Food premises operators and premises with Alcohol License.

Food Safety Training was done at least one day a week and we manged to train over 25,000 people. Training was also required for people selling alcohol. LCQ training was established and we trained over 8000 students in LCQ. We are still doing that.

Suresh Din has seen a lot of changes in both Food laws and Alcohol laws. Many operators are uncertain as to how food licenses and alcohol license can be obtained. We took on that function also and do both licenses for customers.

We also write a Custom Food Control Plan and a Risk Management Plan.